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Since opening our doors in 2000, the foundation of Studio Cadillac has come from the exceptional talent and true passion within the team. As the heart of what we do, each team member is dedicated to making sure all customers are completely satisfied. Read below to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.


Ar. Yaksh Tyagi


Yaksh Tyagi the managing partner and co-founder of studio Cadillac specializes in BIM architecture and has worked in projects like Khalifa stadium (FIFA 2022) and al-khor market in Qatar and USA based projects like Jasper community and chinquapin park and national projects like Patna medical college and hospital and several sports buildings in sports authority of India at Sonipat and Patiala.  Yaksh specializes in designing large scale projects and structures and has a key role in leading and delivering of BIM projects. Apart from designing Yaksh also depicts excellent communicating skills with clients and developers with creative decisions to counter any design deadlocks.

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Ar. Tushar Tyagi


Tushar Tyagi the managing partner and co-founder of studio Cadillac focuses on precision and quality without fail and has ability to lead and perform any task while blending and boosting the confidence of everyone he works with, his determination to provide absolute quality for clients is second to none. Worked on projects like DDA complex, Rise resorts, Greater Noida Expomart and many more. He overseas every project and helps his subordinates at every level possible makes him a natural leader. Tushar is proficient in every stage of design from concept development to final draft while coordinating and directing his subordinates to follow the studio vision.

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Ar. Shivansh Oberoi


Shivansh oberoi the project architect and co founder of studio Cadillac specializes in concept creation and unique visualization with over 3 years of experience in residential and commercial projects . Shivansh ability to create designs and execute with efficiency and excellence is well appreciated among our clients . Shivansh leads the studio for conceptual and design competition with solid foot holding in design development . Shivansh has experience in visualizing and creating high tier residential designs as well as making new age modern designs for comfort living worked in multiple government projects he has high attribute for problem solving and creating new spaces which amuse team and client the same . 

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